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Welcome to Fun French Learning

Singing and playing in French to learn it, for children 6 months to 13 years old

Please come and find out on your own how great children (in this video children are 2 to 3 years old) are at joining in the French sessions, copying, repeating! Thanks to Cherlyn for sharing and other parents who give permission for it!

eekeekeek Please note, since September 2014, foreign language became compulsory in primary school. Would you like your child to learn French the fun way in little groups before he/she starts doing it at school or to reinforce it? eekeekeek

Your child loves dancing and singing, what about adding fun French learning on top of it without further cost? Yes! These sessions are for you !

click here to access to  my section "find a group" to have information about services offered for each group and the location each session takes place

Did you know that children learning another language before 7 years old  will learn it easily and faster? 

click here to access to my section "benefits for children". 

eekeekeekeekeek I am offering your child a fantastic life skill opportunity to have fun in learning the French language ! eekeekeekeekeek